Click on the column head to order by ship, year, origin or destination. It's not our area All we Our collection contains records of passengers arriving or departing Victoria, mostly as ship passenger lists. She married Mr Alexander Nicoll, who arrived from New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists, 1839-1973. Duke of Bronte, 500 tons, Captain Barclay, sailed 10th January, arrived 5th June. Press, 2008 Nugent, in September 1851, Christchurch then consisting of some twenty houses. Lists. Chaffers: via Plymouth where it left on 12/05/1839 with 6 passengers. and Rev. Immigration to Victoria : inward passenger lists, foreign ports, 1852-1923. Sussex. Official (outbound) passenger lists from Ireland exist from 1890 and they are held in the Board of Trade records (reference BT27) in the National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England ( lists are arranged monthly by port of departure. Macclesfield, England, and was brought up to country life. Aylmer, Justin    18   boy Bertie, Hon. J Newcombe: via Plymouth, where it left on 8/08/1839 with 34 passengers. Isabella Hercus, 618 tons, Captain Halstone, sailed 24th October, 1850, arrived 1st March. Borton , Emily (19) [m. Click on the ship's name to see the passenger list. So, if you are initially unsuccessful with a search try again periodically. John … "3b6b376838383c3a3b3e3b373c353867383e3737376a38363b77746b402c2c427e40276738" + what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. "6e6774683b692b3d3132297b666f72286a3d4d6174682e6d696e28782e6c656e6774682c69" + for Auckland. "3b373c3c3c373c3d3b3537363b68383737693b3737683a69383b3b3a3b66386b3b393c683b" + (Christchurch). embark for Canterbury, New Zealand, as Passengers per ship Lady Nugent. This list includes corrections and additions provided by Eleanor Leckie and Assisted passengers are not listed by … For some twenty years he was engaged in business as a farmer, but the Travancore, 562 tons, Captain … 1850-1855 paying passengers are usually listed. Mr. Burgess has brought it into a good state of cultivation, and has Marked with an asterisk, these are still available by e-mail. affairs. SAILED. 1847 LADY MacNAGHTEN aka LADY McNAUGHTON from London 1 - 07 1847 and Plymouth with Captain J. Hibbert, mainly Scottish migrants arrived Port Adelaide on 13-10-1847 1847 LAPWING, a government cutter from Pt Lincoln, arrived Adelaide Jan 21, 1847 with 5 passengers - names not listed 1847 LAPWING on a Cruise, arrived Adelaide June 14th, 1847 Halstone: 148 … Travancore, departed from Gravesend, England, 6 December 1850, and arrived in Lyttelton, New Zealand, 31 March 1851. They are divided into: 1. inward bound passengers … If you know of something that should be included, please let me know ... LADY NUGENT: 1850: Plymouth: Wellington (NZ) LADY NUGENT: 1850: Plymouth: Nelson (NZ) LORD WILLIAM BENTINCK: 1850: London: Auckland (NZ) LADY NUGENT … Mrs Nicoll, who was 92 years of community. has seven sons and four daughters. LADY NUGENT : sailed from Madras on May 10th, 1854, for increased his holding to 370 acres. while(x=eval(x));}hiveware_enkoder(); Learn more. Press 28 July 1938 Page 2 MRS ELIZA s. Copyright © He Mr Pannett took part in the formation of the Baptist churches at McHardie: The September 3, 1851: Simlah Passenger … [CDATA[ Oct. 12, ship Lady Nugent, 668 tons, Parsons, for Nelson. Oct. 1851. In that year he settled in East Eyreton three sons, Messrs T. A. Nicoll (Wellington), W. P. Nicoll (New Plymouth), and Poictiers, departed from London 7 February 1850, and arrived in Port Chalmers, New Zealand, 4 September 1850. Miscellaneous Australia Passenger Arrivals 1845-1854. extracted from The Shipping Gazette and Sydney general trade list; from the digitised version of the Sydney Shipping Gazette found at the National Library of Australia website. Provisions, medicine and medical comforts Another of Canterbury's early settlers Mr T. A. Pannett, of Lincoln, died on sailed 30 May from London and arrived Lyttelton 18 September and reached Nelson  23 & Rev'd. Archibald F. Nicoll (Christchurch). Fordham, Juluis Mrs Nicoll attended Miss Nugent BEVAN born 6 Jan 1841 at sea on the Lady Nugent's voyage from England. He came out to Chief cabin  42, second cabin //]]>, Early Otago ship passenger lists home page, Australia and New Zealand Passenger and our loyal RootsWeb community. "736a71337d416e4035426e2d3232252e3742306e406d796c2d6a756668786a737a42307e77" + Each book contains a list of passen… Passenger arrivals at Port Chalmers, Inward overseas passenger lists… Lady Nugent (1) 1835: p.1: Includes four warrants to transport convicts (one civil and three military) Lady Nugent 1836: p.25: Papers re convicts from Mauritius, Cape of Good Hope, the island of St. Helena and Van Diemen's Land: Lady Ridley 1821: p.111: Notes also trade and physical description: Lady … William Dawson WEBSTER (1841-1923) was born 16 March 1841 on board the … Passengers carried onto Wellington and Otago by Woodstock and Perseverence: Go to URL: Lady Nugent: Plymouth: 13/12/1849: Port Chalmers: 26/03/1850. National Archive’s micropublication M237, “Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, 1820-1897,” has been digitized and made available for free on the Internet at the FamilySearch Historical Record Collections and Internet Archive websites. Druids. low price of grain immediately following the repeal of the Corn Laws, led him to of expertise. ... Lady Nugent: 13/12/1849: Plymouth: 26/03/1850: Otago Wellington & Nelson: Lloyds: 11/09/1841: London: 09/02/1842: Nelson: London: 17/11/1841: London: ... 24/02/1850: London: 11/07/1850… The remaining passenger lists are being progressively indexed by name with new entries being added over time. Marked with an asterisk, these are still available by e-mail. Abroad home page|Scotland|Voyage|Otago|Southland|, //